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 Kiwanis Club of La Mirada

First President of La Mirada Kiwanis

Today’s Kiwanis Club began in 1979. There had been an earlier club that functioned from 1957 until 1977. For some unrecorded reason the first Club failed and the present Club received its charter in November of 1979.

As it is with the creation of most Clubs the impetus comes from without. The then lt. governor of this Kiwanis Division, Cary Mayer, a member of the Greater Anaheim Club, whose office was in La Mirada, teamed with the East Whittier Club to canvass the La Mirada Community for prospective members.

The efforts met with success and on January 24, 1980 a banquet was held at the Los Coyotes Country Club.   The Charter was presented giving the date of the club’s beginning as November 29, 1979. There were thirty persons listed as charter members.

While none of the charter members are still in the club, their earlier community service helped to build the city and benefit the citizens.  Many activities for which Kiwanis is known were started in those early years. We were "huggers" at the Special Olympics. We cooked pancakes for untold numbers of youth athletics groups. Nobody knows how many kids decided to become mechanical engineers after seeing the automated pancake machines that were built by the early members.  We began our annual Shopping Spree for kids in the area. 

The club has sponsored such events in the past as the 605 Football Game, annual Third of July Fireworks Spectacular and the annual Huck Finn Fishing Derby. Kiwanis still is involved with the Third of July and Fishing Derby as food providers.

The club has evolved to meet changing needs. Many of the current activities come from the blood of new members who bring new needs and new energy. For a more detailed look at the history, click on the Icon to the right.



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Updated:  March 14, 2019

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