3 Ways Educational Community-Based Services can Engage Families

Family engagement refers to the instance where parents and their children’s schoolteachers are all involved in the child’s learning and development. This partnership can exist between parents and relevant educational services in the community.

Educational community-based services allow parents to support their children every step of the way by becoming more involved with their children’s learning and development. Here are a few ways that these services can engage families.

Promoting Social Interactions

Children that are under the care of educational professionals can experience healthier social interactions with people in their family, friends, school, and community, influencing their learning and development.

Healthy and meaningful social interactions will help children to develop in areas of social-emotional, cognitive, literacy, and physical well-being. Children who are isolated in a home school situation may not reap the same social benefits.

Strengthening the Family Unit

Educational community-based services can help to strengthen the family unit. Parents are more engaged with their child’s learning and development when they feel that they play an integral role in an early learning setting.

Research indicates that parents who are more engaged in their child’s learning will likely see better overall outcomes for their child’s school readiness. Parents will be more considerate about their child’s development and can make more informed decisions affecting development.

Easy Access to Resources and Services

When parents are not engaged with educational services in the community, it can be challenging for parents to get the necessary assistance from educational or childcare professionals.

Families who engage with childcare services in a community are likely to be supportive and open to discussions about their children. This makes it easier for educational services to offer relevant resources and information to parents when the need arises.

Educational services in a community are designed to work in partnership with families to promote healthy development. Immersing children in a healthy social environment will help to strengthen the family unit, as well as provide easy access to helpful resources and services.

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