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DIVISION 30 is a platform that is dedicated to early childhood care and education. Readers will discover insightful articles related to childcare services, non-profit organizations, community-based childcare services, volunteering, and much more.

Learn how community childcare services can support new parents. Parents need access to the right resources and information to secure a better and healthier future for their children. Childcare services can help parents to identify and treat early childhood problems from an early age.

Childcare organizations have the responsibility to assist parents with basic services. More and more parents rely on these organizations to support them while they try to balance their busy work life. Hardworking parents should consult these organizations to ensure they receive the necessary support.

Readers can find out how educational community-based services can engage families. Professionals in the educational sector can help parents cope with balancing work and family life. This collaboration will help to strengthen the family unit, and it will provide easier access to relevant resources and services.

Explore the history of childcare in the United States by looking at how the industry developed over the last two centuries. Childcare was mainly the responsibility of slaves who worked in the household during the 18th and early 19th centuries. The legislation was eventually drawn up to support childcare in both rural and wealthier communities.

Volunteering for a childcare agency or organization can hold a lot of benefits. Besides gaining valuable work experience, volunteers can make a big difference in the lives of children. Volunteers can help to support working mothers who have no way of paying for daycare services.

Child-rearing can be challenging without community-based services and information. Users who are interested to know more about childcare services and organizations in the US can follow these blogs to learn more.