Why Childcare Organizations Should Assist New Parents with Sleep Regression

Research indicates that working parents are less mindful of healthy sleeping habits. This becomes a greater issue when parents neglect their baby’s sleep regression. Childcare organizations can provide new parents with the necessary information and support.

Sleep regression can occur at any age in a child’s development. In the instance of 9 month sleep regression, a baby might go through a natural developmental leap or shift in sleeping schedules. Most hardworking parents might simply not have the time to deal with their child’s bedtime routine, and this may aggravate symptoms of sleep regression.

New parents need to contend with the fast-paced world out there while taking care of their newborn children. Working mothers and fathers may develop poor sleeping habits in the process of balancing work and family life. Non-profit childcare organizations and employers should step in to assist these families.

Employers should ensure that employees who have recently become parents get the support they need from relevant service clubs or organizations. The work environment should have family-friendly initiatives that support new parents during early childcare.

In many cases, it is up to non-profit childcare organizations in communities to teach families about developing healthy sleeping habits. Childcare organizations can help parents to treat their baby’s sleep regression.

A little bit of information can go a long way to helping a child during stages of sleep regression. Committing to a consistent bedtime routine is one proven way to ensure that a baby can develop healthier sleeping habits. However, parents who work long hours may find it difficult to stick to these routines.

If parents are too busy, it may be appropriate to allow childcare services or daycare centers to look after a child while they are at work. In this way, a child will have consistent nap times and get enough sleep during the day. Consult with a non-profit childcare organization for more information.